Integrated Payments Setup: Activating Square Integration in RepairQ

As of version 1.18, RepairQ offers integrated payment processing through Square for customers located in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in creating an account with Square, click here.

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Setting Up Square Integration with RepairQ

1. Log into the RepairQ location where you will use the Square Terminal. On the top Navigation bar, go to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, click Integrations under the Account section.



3. From the list of Available Integrations, select Square.



2. If you have already established your Square account and location, click Authorize this application. If you do not yet have an account, click Sign up for Square and continue this process after you have set up your account and location(s). You can also sign up for Square here.



3. After you click Authorize this application, you will be directed to the Square login page, where you can enter your credentials. Once you are successfully logged in and permissions have been granted, you are directed back to RepairQ, where you will complete the integration process.


4. Select the corresponding location from the Select Square Location dropdown. It is recommended to have separate locations created in Square, as these will be enabled separately for each location in RepairQ. Then click Link your Square Location.


5. Once you have linked your location, you are taken back to the Integration page. Steps 1 and 2 will be checked off, and there will be additional settings available.


6. General Settings will allow you to enable or disable Square integration and select the corresponding Square Location set up on your Square Dashboard.



7. Tip Settings will allow you to enable/disable tip options and customize available tip options on your Square device.


  • Allow Tipping - This will allow/restrict the ability to tip on transactions.
  • Custom Tip Field - This will indicate whether custom tip amounts are allowed during the transaction flow.
  • Separate Tip Screen - This will indicate whether tip options are presented on the screen before the signature screen during the transaction flow.
  • Smart Tipping - This toggles on/off Smart Tipping. Smart tipping works as follows:
    • Transaction is less than (<) $10 - options are ‘No Tip’, $1, $2, or $3.
    • Transaction is greater than (>) $10 - options are ‘No Tip’, 15%, 20%, or 25%.


8. Tip Refund Logic allows users to determine how the tip will be split when performing a refund on a ticket.


  • Refund Tip Amount First - Refund the tip amount first, then refund the sale amount.
  • Refund Tip Amount Last - Refund the sale amount first, then the tip.
  • Refund Tip Amount Pro Rata - Refund the tip in proportion to the sale amount refunded to the customer.
    • e.g. A customer makes a $10 purchase and gives a 10% tip of $1.00. A partial refund of $6.00 is performed on the purchase. Square will refund a part of the tip that is proportional to the remainder of the purchase. 60% of the original amount was refunded ($6.00), so 60% of the tip will also be refunded ($0.60).


9. Once you have made your selections click Save on the upper right of the page.



(Optional) Confirming Your Square Payment Gateway is Active

1. In RepairQ, navigate to Settings -> Location Settings -> Payments -> Payment Methods.




2. In the Payment Methods list, look for a payment named Credit Card (Square) with "Square" in the gateway column. Make sure this payment method is marked Active.




Note: If the payment method is not active, you can edit the payment method by clicking the Edit button under the Actions column.



START 1.18.X


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