How To: Assign a Square Terminal to a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT)

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How to: Set Up Square Integration with RepairQ

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How to: Take Payments With an Integrated Square Terminal


Once you have set up integration, added a payment device, and are ready to accept payments, you will need to assign the Square device to your VCT.


1. On the top navigation bar, click your location name on the upper right of the page. In the drop-down section, click “Assign VCT.” 



You can also do this by clicking on the "Assign a VCT" link under the “Get Started” section of the RepairQ dashboard.


2. On the Terminal Management screen, click the "Play" button to assign VCT.VCT_open.png


3. Select which payment types you want to accept on your VCT. Make sure to select the “Accept Credit Card” option, in order to process card payments on your terminal. 




(Optional) Enter your starting cash, i.e. the starting amount in your cash drawer. This is only required if you selected “Accept Cash” as a payment option.


4. On the “Payment Device” dropdown, select the Square device that will be paired with this VCT.

5. Click "Start.” The Terminal Management screen will now show that your VCT is assigned.


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