Tip Report

As of RepairQ 1.18, Square transactions that include tips can be viewed in a new Tip Report.

Tip Reporting allows you to view all tips amounts received or refunded on a transaction, filtered by transaction date, ticket updated, and other parameters.



Step 1

On the Navigation bar, click Reports -> Accounting -> Tip Report.



The Tip report is also available on the left column of the Report page, under “Tip.”


Step 2

Use the filters to find transactions within a certain range, location, and status. Once you have made your selections, click “Apply Filters” to see the results.


  • Date - This is the date of the transaction recorded on a ticket.
  • Location - This is the location the transaction was taken.
  • Ticket Date - This is the date the ticket was last updated. Ticket Date is subject to change until the ticket is closed.
  • Status - This will scope results for the following ticket statuses: All Tickets, Closed Tickets Only, and Open Tickets Only.
  • Billing Agent - This will scope results for tickets assigned to the selected billing agent(s).


Step 3

(Optional) You can show/hide the filter section of the Tip report and export the report in Excel format (.xlsx) in the upper, right corner of the report.


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