Integrated Payments Setup: Adding a Square Payment Device in RepairQ

Once you have established your Square Integration settings and Payment Methods, you will need to add the Payment Device to your location.

Note: If you are currently using your Square Terminal for non-integrated payments, you will need to log out of your Square device before integrating with RepairQ.

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Signing out of your Square Terminal

1. From the left bezel of your Square Terminal screen, swipe right to bring up Options. Then tap Settings.



2. Tap Sign out at the bottom of the Settings screen.



Adding Your Square Terminal to RepairQ

1. Log into your RepairQ location. Navigate to Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, click on the Payments dropdown on the left column. From the list of options, click Payment Devices.



3. On the Payment Terminal page, click Add a Payment Device on the right side of the screen.


4. On the Add Payment Device screen, begin filling out the available fields.


  • Location - This field should be assigned to the location where you are currently logged in.
  • Name - Give your payment device a name that is recognizable when assigning it to a VCT.
  • Payment Method - Select the Payment Method that uses the Square gateway.
  • Hardware - Select Square Terminal.
  • Skip customer receipt preference - Select whether or not to skip the option to ask a customer for their receipt preference on the Square Terminal during the transaction process.


5. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Save.



6. After saving your settings, a Device Pairing pop-up window will appear with a code to enter on your Square Terminal.



7. On the Square device, tap Sign In. Then, on the sign-in screen, tap Use a device code. This will allow you to input the code that was generated from RepairQ.



Note: Do not enter your email and password on the sign-in screen. RepairQ can integrate only through the device pairing code issued from the application.


8. After entering the code, tap Sign In on the upper-right corner of the screen to complete the pairing process.


9. Once you have lined your device and the countdown has been completed, click Test Pairing to make sure RepairQ is connected to your device.



10. If the device was successful in pairing, you will see a Pairing Successful message, and you can close the window.




START 1.18.X

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