Creating a Catalog Item

Creating a Catalog Item in RepairQ

The Catalog is a list of all items and services available for your store. Any item that can be purchased, sold, repaired, or used as parts needs a corresponding inventory item. Services and Labor can be added to the Catalog for charging customers for services and reporting the Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) on repairs.

The field details for adding a Catalog Item may change depending on the customization of your item. For a detailed explanation of these fields, check out our RepairQ Catalog Overview.

A user with the Inventory Manager role or higher can create catalog items.



Adding a New Catalog Item

1. On the RepairQ Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Catalog.



2. Click the Add Button on the right side of the screen.



3. Enter all applicable naming details for your Catalog Item at your discretion. At a minimum, the required fields to create a Catalog Item are:

  • Name - This must be a unique name for your item.
  • Item Type -This is used to categorize your Catalog Items for Taxes, Cost of Goods, and other reporting.
  • Manufacturer - This is an additional level of categorization for Inventory Items.


Note: Other fields in the Details area allow you to add alternative searchable names, Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), and Universal Product Codes (UPCs) to allow barcode scanning.


4. Enter any applicable pricing details for the item. Optionally, you can also set the default Cost and Price for your item here.



5. Enter any applicable behavior fields. Check the Active box to ensure the item is visible and searchable in your Catalog.


Note: These fields are optional but are important for maintaining your inventory.

  • Repairable - Check this box to allow the Catalog Item to be added as the Repair Device on Repair Tickets.
  • Inventoried - Check this box to record a physical quantity of this item in your inventory for record-keeping.
  • Serialized - Check this box to require a serial number when an item is added to inventory or added to a ticket. This option appears when an item is marked as Inventoried.
  • Default Qty/Hrs - Enter a default quantity amount when adding an item to a ticket. Use decimals for partial labor hours.


6. Click Save on the upper-right side of the screen to submit your changes.


Note: Make sure that all required fields are populated and you are satisfied with all additional fields and selections before saving. Once there are inventory or ticket items associated with this catalog item, certain attributes for this will be locked from changes to protect your data.


Editing a Catalog Item

If you need to make changes to an existing Catalog Item, you can edit it from the Catalog Item List. Keep in mind, that once there are inventory or ticket items associated with the item, certain fields are locked from changes.


1. On the RepairQ Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Catalog.



2. Click the Options button on the right side of the item to expand additional actions and click Edit.



Note: You can filter the catalog by specific attributes or keywords to find focused results.


4. Update additional fields and selections as needed and click Save on the upper-right side of the page to submit your changes.



START 1.18.X

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