Merging Catalog Items

Merging Catalog Items in RepairQ

While managing your Catalog, you may find similar catalog items have been created. There may even be a case where you used two versions of the same part, but wish to consolidate those items into one Catalog Item going forward. Merging allows you to eliminate related items and combine their attributes and inventory into a single item.

There are certain rules that RepairQ follows when Merging items:

  • If Item A is marked as non-serialized, it cannot be merged into a Serialized Item B.
  • Any Inventory Items that exist under Item A will be moved to Item B.
  • Any Ticket Items that point to Item A will be re-pointed to Item B.
  • Any Vendor SKUs that point to Item A will be re-pointed to Item B.
    • There can only be one Vendor SKU per combination of Catalog Item and Supplier.
  • Any Purchase Order Item that points to Item A will be re-pointed to Item B.
  • Any Customer Devices that point to Item A will be re-pointed to Item B.
  • Any Location Overrides that exist for Item A will be moved to Item B.
    • Any existing overrides associated with Item B that conflict with those moving from Item A will be deleted.

Merging is not reversible, so confirm your merge direction before saving the action.


In this scenario, we have two similar Catalog Items that we need to merge as a single entry.



1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Catalog.



2. In your Catalog, user Filters to locate the item that you would like to eliminate by merging. Click the Options button under the Actions column, and click Edit.




3. On the Catalog Item Edit screen, click Merge with another item.



4. On the Merge Catalog Item pop-up, you will see that the current Catalog Item is populated in the Item to Merge column. Under the Merge Into column, search for the Catalog Item that you want to merge the current item into and select it.



5. The Catalog Item details will populate in the Merge Into column. You can see which item is set to merge and which item it will merge into. There is also a third column named Merged Item. This column is used for making any final changes to the Catalog Item before submitting the merge.



6.  Once you are satisfied with the changes, click Merge Items to complete the process.



You will see a confirmation at the top of the pop-up, saying that the Catalog Items have been merged.


Now that your items have been merged, there will be a single entry under the Merged Item in your Catalog. Inventory amounts will combine under the new item.




START 1.18.X

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