Integrated Payments Setup: Adding Bluefin Credentials in RepairQ

Bluefin Integrated Payments

Once you have unboxed your device and configured the initial settings, you will need to add the gateway integration credentials in RepairQ. You may have already received a courtesy email from our Support Team with your integration information. If not, please contact RepairQ Support, and our team can send this information to the gateway owner.

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Adding Integration Credentials in RepairQ

1. Log into the RepairQ location that will be using this payment integration. On the Navigation Bar, to go Settings -> Location Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, click Integrations under the Account section.



3. Under the Available Integrations click Bluefin.



4. Enter your integration credentials based on the information provided to you by Bluefin Support and/or RepairQ Support. Account ID and API Key information can be added at the Company level (This tutorial guides you to add it at the Location level), however, the Group ID must be filled out at the Location level for the integration to be successful.



Note: Depending on your account structure set up by Bluefin, multiple locations may share the same Account ID. The Group ID, however, should be unique to each location and should not be shared across multiple locations.


5. Once you have entered your integration credentials, click Save Bluefin Settings.



5. Repeat this step at each location you wish to enable. Once you have added the integration information, you are ready to download and install the PAX Security Certificate.



START 1.18.X

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