Ticket Properties: Creating New Ticket Actions

The Ticket Properties feature allows users to add additional details to Repair tickets. Actions can be used for classification in reporting, filtering your Ticket Queue, as well as working with custom forms, notifications, and approvals based on assigned properties. Assigning an action is useful for reporting and quality assurance purposes. Admins can create actions for a single location or for all locations.

Note: Unlike Resolutions and Assignees, there is no option to require an Action for a ticket.

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Creating New Ticket Actions

1. Log into RepairQ as an Admin. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, select Tickets from the list of options in the left column. From the dropdown list, click Ticket Actions.



3. On the Ticket Action page, click Add Ticket Action.



4. Begin filling out the form. Once you have made your selections, click Save to submit your changes.



  • Name- Assign a name for the Resolution.
  • Location- Select whether this Resolution is for all locations or for a specific location.
  • Description- (Optional) Enter a short description for the use of the Resolution.
  • Priority- Assign a numerical value that will change the placement of the Resolution in lists. The lower the number, the higher the seat on the list.
  • Is Active- Select this box to activate the Resolution. Uncheck this box to deactivate/hide this Resolution.


5. After saving your changes, the new Resolution will be available for use on Repair tickets.



Note: An action can be deleted if it has not been assigned to a ticket. Once there is an action has a history of linked tickets, it cannot be deleted for data integrity purposes.




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