Getting Started: The RepairQ Global Search Bar


One of RepairQ's fastest methods of navigation is the Global Search Bar. It's part of the Menu Item Bar that sits beneath the primary Navigation Bar. It will remain at the top of most pages, for easy access to search for Tickets, Inventory, Customers, and more.

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Search Bar Categories

Using keywords, you can quickly search the following sections of RepairQ:



  • Tickets - Navigates to the Ticket Queue or specific Ticket View pages. For more on searching for tickets, please see How To: Look Up a Ticket.



  • Inventory - Navigates to the Inventory Summary, to item-specific Inventory pages, or to Item Management pages. For more on searching for inventory, please see How To: Look Up Inventory.



  • Customers - Navigates to the Customer List View page or to specific customer profiles. For more on searching for customers, please see Customer Search.



  • Billing Agents - Navigates to the Billing Agents List View page or to specific agent profiles.



  • Devices - Navigates to the Devices List View page or to a specific repair device. For more on searching for repair devices, please see Repair Device Search



Tips on Using Keywords

In most cases, using a keyword will take you to an appropriate list view, showing all results that match that keyword. For instance, if you set the Global Search Bar to Inventory and type in iPhone 4S, RepairQ will navigate to the Inventory Summary page, returning any results with iPhone 4S in the name.



This can be very flexible when using other settings, such as Devices, where you can search for a repair device using a customer's name as the keyword.



Whenever you use a keyword that matches a single result, such as the exact ticket number when using the Tickets search category, RepairQ will take you to that specific Ticket View page.






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